Secondary Education
Our resources are great for curriculum enrichment, extra curricular clubs and for use in the class room for teaching computing.

Its all about making choices!

Its great to visit a school just after the new school year has started, all the new students who have come up from Primary, typically they are so tiny in their new uniforms, excited to see what is in store for them. The shift from a mostly project based setup, to a specific subject one, must be an experience, especially with the home work that comes with it!

It is a quick progression however, from the first couple of years, before starting to look at choices, not just for fun, but also thinking about career choices, possible further & higher education, or an apprenticeship, or straight to work..

We have designed our Innovation, Engineering & Computing resources, with the real world in mind. This means that not only are they fun and engaging, they have a real purpose to them. The purpose, is for the student to experience real world technology and challenges.

This deliberate positioning of our equipment can help to gauge student aptitudes and to see how they get on from a personal point of view. Of course, we also map to the national Design & Technology and Computing curriculums where required, but we have a versatility which allows you as a teacher, to utilise and expose the students to the equipment in different ways

Secondary Education - Team Project
Curriculum Enrichment

For enrichment and extra curricular clubs, our kits can be the perfect "hackable" project, to build interest, test classroom methods & generally excite students, teachers, SLT and even Parents!

We often get the chance to work on some great projects with schools who are looking at curriculum enrichment. The below image shows our Dalek project we completed with year 11 from Queen Ethelburgas in Yorkshire, we took one of our robotic car education kits apart and built it onto a mobility wheelchair and then surrounded it with a Dalek skin! Perfect working with Design & Technology, and much more engaging than a bird box!
We took the Dalek into the city centre for a STEAM project called "March of the Robots" - this was great for parents to also get involved.
Keep an eye on our blog for lots of other examples of projects completed as either curriculum enrichment, or extra curricular clubs.

Dalek Project - Curriculum Enrichment
Class Engagement & Reward Tool

We have had best results with no more than 3 students to a kit when working in the classroom, so in teams or as part of a project, use the hardware to initially engage with the class, and then to reward them. Use your current IT facilities to do design & programming and use the robotics kits to test out student work as they achieve set tasks.

The kits can be accessed using most devices i.e. Current ICT suite, iPads, Android etc. we also support programming in any language, so whether you want to use the advised ones i.e. Scratch or Python, or if you want to use something else such as Basic, Java or C++, this is still ok.

We maximise engagement with all students, not just the gifted and talented students but also the difficult to engage with ones. We get great feedback from schools who use our education kits and resources, but most importantly, we see an increase in uptake of design & technology and computing as a choice subject at exam level - this increase includes both boys and girls.

Class Engagement and Reward Tool
Exam Level Individual Project
Exam Level Individual Project

We map to various exam modules and provide examples with a mixture of programming & hardware integration - always real world examples. The kits are incredibly hackable and can build confidence for exam level work.

For more information about how our education kits can support teachers and students in secondary education, please contact us

Exam Modules
I have found working with the starter kits from CBiS Education really useful in my computing club, the CBiS team have opened my eyes to new possibilities, experimenting, hacking everyday products to build amazing projects with my students. The girls have had a great time building their ideas and the club has made them much more confident in their computer science GCSE."
Simon Kuznetsov (Head of Technology - Skipton Girls' High School)