Robotic Car
Education Kit
The Remote Control Car Kit has been designed to provide an introduction to programming in Python with a real world application.

What is in the robotic car education kit

Assembling the robotic car education kit

This kit allows students to control an aluminium car over a wireless or 3G network using an Xbox 360 Gamepad
If you want to engage with challenging students or want to enrich the curriculum, this kit is very effective.

In addition the capability to hack the car and use the hardware with something else seems to inspire most students & teachers!
So far, the car kit has been incorporated into the following appliances: Dyson Vacuum cleaner, various remote control cars, Mobility Wheelchair, Big Trak & Big Trak Junior!

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CBiS Education came into Stoke Newington on a drop-down day in which year 9 students were able to engage directly with control technology in an interesting and stimulating way. They were given direct control over programming different robotics, a car and a robotic arm. Students were all involved in either producing an environment for the car to traverse, writing the programme to run the car effectively or use the arm to move and pick up different objects. This was challenging, engaging and enjoyable. CBiS Education's help was invaluable and I would recommend their technology and expertise to any school which is delivering and developing their computer science curriculum.
Anna Gluckstein, Head of ICT/Computing at Stoke Newington Secondary School