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We suggest a cross curricular, project based approach for teaching the new computing curriculum. By using Design & Technology as the way to engage with the whole pyramid of aptitudes and then an innovative process like Cardboard2Code to transition into computing.

Finding Computing Daunting? We Can Help!

Having to teach children from 5 years old something like computing can be quite daunting. We have seen an increase in ability with students using things like iPads and other tablets but starting to tackle things like 'Algorithms' is an altogether different challenge!

Like all things in education, it starts with engagement; being able to engage with the whole class, with such a mix of aptitudes & characters is better achieved using games, music and more importantly with computing - ROBOTS!

In our experience, once you have students started with robots, they often take off, achieving wonderous things, so the question is, how can we support you the teacher, as well as provide the opportunity for the children?

We have seen the best results using a cross curricular, project approach which provides hooks for all the different types of thinkers, Auditory, Visual & Kinesthetic. There isn't much different to projects you might already do, we just start to embed parts of D&T and Computing curriculums into the project.

For example, a project about space could involve a lunar vehicle (using our Robotic Car Education Kit) to pick up various blocks. You would ask the students to create the surface of the Moon or Mars, you could create obstacles; meanwhile, you are also learning about planets, the sun and our own earth. When you start to program the lunar vehicle to move around, this is computing - and can be achieved in Scratch or Python.

Giant Lego Robot

Whenever we provide the space example to teachers, they love the idea until we say "when you start to program the lunar vehicle" at which point they step back, because "programming" is daunting, what is Scratch, what is Python?

To answer these questions, working with teachers & students all over the country, we have designed and provide a Free of Charge download to a process called Cardboard2Code - this process demonstrates how to use a project like "Robot Arms in the Real World" to start in Design & Technology, and to end up coding in Scratch and then Python. Because this is free, we recommend you download a copy and have a read before looking any further at paying for any resources. It is loaded with value, and will hopefully give you some insight into how to achieve an outstanding computing curriculum, without the fear factor!!
If you do have any other questions, please feel free to contact us

Download your free copy of Cardboard2Code from


We have some great products for primary schools on our shop, one in particular that works well, is the classroom hub. It contains a kit, screen, keyboard & mouse and some posters that can be great for the corner of a classroom. Often, we find the Parent and Teacher Association of a school is very supportive of introducing such technology, please let us know if you would like more information.
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At Shadwell Primary School Leeds we have had the pleasure of working alongside a great proactive team at CBIS. We purchased £1000 worth of robotic/control software and hardware and were immediately struck by the high level of quality and suitability for primary pupils and the ease at which complex programming can be immediately accessed by all our KS2 pupils and staff. The products are of a high quality and support has been excellent. The team at CBIS willingly provide free inset and staff training support and their enthusiasm and approach to delivering lessons is inspiring. The team understand what inspires pupils and more importantly effectively communicate the skills required for a child working successfully with I.T. in the 21st Century. I know of no other product on the Primary education market that can rival CBIS equipment and great service.
Antony Mallett, I.T. Co-ordinator at Shadwell Primary School