Emotiv Mind
Have you ever wanted to move things with your mind?
Introducing the CBiS Education Emotiv Mind Controller
Emotiv Mind Controller
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The mind controller which comes in a robust lockable flight case contains:

  • Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset
  • USB Receiver for Headset
  • EPOC Hydrator Pack
  • Bottle of hydration solution
  • Printed intructions
This premium kit comes with an Emotiv EPOC headset, a revolutionary personal interface for human computer interaction.
The Emotiv EPOC uses sensors to tune into electrical signals produced by the brain to detect user thoughts, feelings and expressions and sends them to a computer.
Students will then be able to write a program to interpret those signals into commands to control robots using the power of thought.
Our kits work together to combine functionality i.e. use the headset to drive the car or move the robot arm just by thinking about it.
Additional headsets can be purchased after the inital kit purchase. Initial kit purchase includes the cost of the Emotiv development API which allows application development accessing the raw EEG data provided by the headset.
Link to real world applications that were inspiring and which students could relate to which created such a buzz that echoed throughout the rest of their days lessons. Other students were asking teachers -did he really control the car with his mind! -Two words summed up the experience - AWESOME & UNFORGETABLE!.
Penny Cater (Head of ICT/Computing -The Boswells School)