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Binary Bots Dimm

Teach Computing and STEM with BinaryBots

BinaryBots are affordable card robot kits that bring Computing and STEM to life with the BBC micro:bit

Starting at only £ 24.99 + VAT they are very affordable and allow every KS2 and KS3 child to build their own robot making learning to code and STEM a much more interactive and individual experience.

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Dimm Single Kit £33.33 + VAT 0
Dimm Class pack of 15 kits £469.99 + VAT 0
Dimm Single Kit without BBC micro:bit £24.99 + VAT 0
Dimm Class Pack of 15 kits without micro:bits £349.99 + VAT 0
Binary Bots are "Consumable Robotics" - If you have the BBC micro:bits & sensors, you can order top up packs of robots and stickers!
Dimm 15 top up packs including card robot & sticker sheets £149.99 + VAT 0

  • Includes access to teaching resources and lesson plans.
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It's so easy to teach Computing and STEM with BinaryBots

Build their very own robot
Create their own design
Learn to write computer code
Make them do exciting things

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