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About CBiS Education

CBiS Education provides Integrated Engagement Learning resources for Innovation, Engineering & Computing.

Integrated Engagement Learning is the combination of three key areas.
  • High Engagement Hardware such as robotics

    Robotics are highly engaging and have the potential to appeal to all aptitudes and levels but typically they are either very polished and expensive which means you have to restrict innovation because no one wants broken hardware they spent their budget on! Or the hardware is cheap but lacks resources or requires a previous skill set to get any where. Our resources sit in the middle of this. They are nice enough to be easy to use straight out of the box, but not restricted in terms of what you can achieve.

  • Curriculum resources to be able to teach the subject

    By also providing key curriculum content via our cloud based platform, teachers have the lesson plans and SOW they require to use the hardware effectively in the class room to maximise impact

  • CPD Teacher training and workshops

    Even with exceptional hardware and structure curriculum, there is still over £11,000 per year wasted in schools because equipment and resources are not used. Our research has determined that this is because of a lack of training and hands on experience that is required for the best results.

We think that it is essential to not only make learning fun but also to make teaching fun. Integrated Engagement Learning and CBiS Education makes teaching fun and we have worked since 2014 to prove this.

If you have any questions about our resources, please do not hesitate to get in touch

Chris Burgess - Founder CBiS Education