Product - Mind Control Robotics Pack
Mind Control Robotics Pack
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Mind Control Robotics Pack
This Pack contains:
  • Emotiv Education Kit
  • Robot Arm Kit
  • 4WD Remote Control Car Kit
  • 12 month subscription to our online resource portal

Whenever we demonstrate the mind control robotics pack we get such a good response. Some teachers find it freaky, almost unbelievable, the students are always very excited..

What is clear, is that this pack provides maximum student engagement, exciting curriculum enrichment and when it comes to Special Education Needs, nothing is better than giving every student the opportunity to programme and move robots with their mind.

The Emotiv Education Kit includes a a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset. This headset uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to most PCs.

Control the real world, move robots & creations the students have engineered themselves just by thinking about it. Complete projects that stretch the imagination & possible scope of technology!

The included Robot Arm & 4 Wheel Drive Car kits are perfect to demonstrate mind control robotics and our online portal contains lots of resources to maximise what you can achieve.

Have a look at Skipton Girls School who incorporated one of our Car kits into a Dyson and used the Emotiv education kit to mind control it!

I have found working with the starter kits from CBiS Education really useful in my computing club, the CBiS team have opened my eyes to new possibilities, experimenting, hacking everyday products to build amazing projects with my students. The girls have had a great time building their ideas and the club has made them much more confident in their computer science GCSE."
Simon Kuznetsov (Head of Technology - Skipton Girls' High School)

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