Robotic Arm
Education Kit
The Robotic Arm Education Kit is a versatile product based on a real world example of a manufacturing robot arm. We combine the kit with lesson plans mapping to Computing areas of study from KS1 to KS5.

What is in the robotic arm education kit

Assembling the robotic arm education kit

The robotic arm education kit has been used in class, for curriculum enrichment and as part of an after school club. Our innovative Cardboard2Code process is a great example of what can be achieved in a term, using STEM to engage, it demonstrates some great impact.

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Robotic Arm Education Kit
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At Shadwell Primary School Leeds we have had the pleasure of working alongside a great proactive team at CBIS. We purchased £1000 worth of robotic/control software and hardware and were immediately struck by the high level of quality and suitability for primary pupils and the ease at which complex programming can be immediately accessed by all our KS2 pupils and staff. The products are of a high quality and support has been excellent. The team at CBIS willingly provide free inset and staff training support and their enthusiasm and approach to delivering lessons is inspiring. The team understand what inspires pupils and more importantly effectively communicate the skills required for a child working successfully with I.T. in the 21st Century. I know of no other product on the Primary education market that can rival CBIS equipment and great service.
Antony Mallett, I.T. Co-ordinator at Shadwell Primary School